MoH: The Damned Thing (2006)

Masters of Horror: "The Damned Thing"
Season 2, Episode 1
Directed By: Tobe Hooper

In this drab monster tale, a sheriff must stop the "damned thing" that destroyed his family 20 years earlier from spreading its infectious hatred and pestilence and causing the small town of Clover to consume itself in bloodshed. I am certain that the shit demon oil monster is some sort of metaphor for the decline of the nuclear family or greed, but I didn't really care to sort it out. Everyone in the cast puts out luke warm performances, and even Flanery falls flat as the town's sheriff who garners little sympathy or respect. Hooper pulls a 180 from the overstylized mess he created in his previous episode DANCE OF THE DEAD, this time leaving us with an uninspired and muted visual style. Outside of a few gore scenes that are as bloody as they are cheap and fake looking, nothing stands out in this entry whatsoever. A big pass.

Rating: 5/10.
Gore: 6/10.
Number of views: 4.

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  1. I am guessing you are on target, cause I don't even remember this one.

  2. Thanks, Carl. I keep getting ready to check this out on Netflix, then moving on, wondering whether I should have or not. Now I know!

  3. I kept meaning to see this, thinking it'd be based on Ambrose Bierce's short story "The Damned Thing." Now that I see that it's not, I won't bother.

  4. I think it was based on a short by Matheson Sn, but it was definitely adapted from a Horror short

  5. I actually liked this one... 'specially the part where the one dude offs himself with the claw-end of the hammer. I also enjoyed the thunder-stormy atmosphere & lunatic meltdown of the townsfolk near the end, sorta reminded me of NEEDFUL THINGS. Grim fun. Not for everyone, I guess.

  6. The hammer is actually what turned me off to the film, to me it looked like someone was spraying him with a hose of blood off camera and just couldnt be taken seriously. For me it was a ton of waiting then BAM, shit demon.