MoH: Sounds Like (2006)

Masters of Horror: "Sounds Like"
Season 2, Episode 4
Directed By: Brad Anderson

Brad Anderson follows his superior SESSION 9 and THE MACHINIST with an excellent contribution to the Masters of Horror series, cementing himself as a director worthy of the title. Chris Bauer's cold, emotionless features make his character slightly less than human, emphasizing his detachment from reality and from those around him. His worsening auditory condition mirrors his descent into a deepening psychosis brought on by the death of his child and pressures at work. Anderson's representation of Larry's condition is a brilliant appeal to each of the senses, marrying his auditory and visual stylism with a technical skill that reaches towards Mario Bava's work in The Drop of Water. The clever foreshadowing expressed through Larry's phone screening at work along with subtle audible clues lead to a satisfying end, although the final act feels like it has been stretched out to meet the run time. SOUNDS LIKE is a strictly character driven effort that is sure to appeal to the intellectual Horror crowd.

Rating: 9/10.
Number of views: 4.

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  1. Sent you an award yesterday on my blog.

  2. I haven't seen very many of the season two Master's of Horror episodes, but I have heard bad things about them. Though, I have heard bad things about the first season, and I liked most of those, so whatever that says. I will have to check this one's on instant watch if I remember correctly. I love character driven movies, so thanks for pointing this one out Carl!

  3. Season 2 is much weaker IMP, but this is one of the few exceptions. You will like it, Matt, no doubt!