The Perfect Getaway (2009)

A honeymooning couple join up with two strangers on a multi-day hike through the lush mountains of Kauai, when news filters in that a pair of murders have taken refuge on the same path. It isn't long before shared suspicions pit the two couples against each other. THE PERFECT GETAWAY is a slightly more deceiving title than the one it was filmed under: "How I Wasted An Hour and a Half." Terrible. The extremely awkward and unnatural acting in this flick is only one in a long line of grievances I had, due not in part to the boring and expected writing. The muted color tones somehow manage to turn Hawaii's natural beauty into a drab and computerized wash. It is also far too self aware, repeatedly drawing back to the character's understanding and recognition of Horror film conventions. The final act gives way to a dramatic shift in style and tone that is entirely unlike the rest of the film. It is only made worse by the fact that the reveal is told through a series of flashbacks that drives the plot to a screeching halt. There are so many other logical errors in the film that I have narrowed it down to my two favorites. First, why would two murders escape to a remote trail on one of the Hawaiian islands to avoid capture? Honestly? Second, why would two shop owners follow the couple for days and countless miles in order to return the hiking passes they left in the store (making for one of the worst red herrings I have ever seen)? The film is amateur at best, and completely passable in my book.

Rating: 5/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. Duly noted, sir. Thank you for saving me! :)

  2. dang! the little lady and I walked the trail last time we were in Hawaii. It was fun but i probably never do it again. sad thing is she heard where this movie is supposed to have taken place and it's at the top of the Netfliks queue.

    sad to hear it's going to suck worse than i thought.

  3. Its all just so Hollywood-y and tired.. Hopefully you will find something to like or make a game out of it like I did in trying to predict what the next cliche and twist would be