Sunday, February 28, 2010

She Creature (2001)

Occasionally, a film will slip under the radar and get by almost entirely unnoticed by the Horror community at large. Films like DAGON, BLOOD MOON, or CASTLE FREAK will fall into obscurity without ever receiving the attention they deserve. Such is the case in SHE CREATURE, a Creature Feature release that went straight to TV, but offers the polished professionalism of a studio picture on a greatly reduced scale. A carnival hawker steals a living mermaid from a desperate old man, but he and his crew fall prey to the creature as it lures them to their deaths aboard their ship while en route to American. The period setting for the film is entirely believable thanks to the incredible set designs and costuming, creating a High Gothic look that calls back to Murnau and the Universal classics. Stan Winston's creature work for the mermaid is nothing short of amazing, blending the actress into her fishy lower half evenly while also allowing for realistic movement. The alluring siren transforms into a nastier beast as they approach her home island in the Atlantic, where Winston introduces an even more menacing and impressive serpentine design with a unique Lovecraftian appeal. In a refreshing change for the modern monster film, all of the practical creature FX are performed in frame, giving the beast a stronger on screen presence and frightening reality. The unfortunate limitation with this is a rather weak transformation sequence, but given the strength of the rest of the film, it is easily forgivable. This is a must-see for all creature fans!

Rating: 8/10.
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  1. Actually sounds fun, I would check this one out.

  2. This is part of a series of films teaming Arkoff and Stan Winston's studios, I havent seen the rest but among them are TEENAGE CAVEMAN, HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER, THE DAY THE WORLD ENDED, and EARTH VS THE SPIDER. Im hoping to check the rest out if this one was anything like the others!

  3. I've read mostly cruddy reviews of all these re-do's in distant past, but your enthusiasm for SHE-CREATURE kinda intrigues me.

  4. See if you can pull up a trailer on youtube for this one J, if the trailer looks appealing the film wont disappoint

  5. I remember seeing this one and liking it. Might have to rent it again and see...

  6. I saw this one on one of the many movie channels related to either Cinemax or HBO- I forget which. I was genuinely impressed by the thing and felt it worthy enough to include among the group of vastly-underrated horror films in recent years alongside 'Black Sheep' and 'Shadow of the Vampire.'

    Honestly, I did not even get the vibe of it being a remake/re-imagining of an older film. I just thought it was a good horror film that happened to have a similar title. Having seen many of them, I like to think that I can spot them pretty well, even when they rename themselves- i.e. The Death Artist.


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