Tony (2009)

Tony is an awkward outcast leeching off of social security, but what he lacks in social skills, he more than makes up for in cold-blooded cruelty. The small scale and budget for this Indie effort help and hinder it at the same time. Gerald Johnson's minimalist approach gives the film a close sense of intimacy on screen, with the voyeuristic cinematography and gritty realism echoing the similarly themed HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER. The limitations of the budget are clearly evidenced in the bare sets and amateur acting, however, with much of the dialogue becoming almost impossible to understand due to the muffled audio and thick English accents. Tony is painted to be a totally incapable character, but unfortunately Ferdinando is all too convincing in the role. His performance never manages to draw an emotional response (whether positive or negative) from the viewer, though he does bring a detached, soulless approach to the character. TONY also promotes the theory of violence as having both a catalytic and desensitizing effect on the viewer, which is a stance that is rarely supported in Horror since the genre constantly comes under fire for those very ideas. But for a few jarring acts of violence, the film is devoid of the action and suspense of a straight Horror film while lacking the emotional bond and heart needed to create a successful character study. It is nevertheless an interesting attempt to recreate the raw power of HENRY on a smaller scale.

Rating: 6/10.
Gore: 4/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. I liked Henry, I might give this a whirl.

  2. sounds great!! its out today!!

  3. Im hoping people find their way to this one, its definitely worth checking out in the Indie Horror circuit!