The Devil's Rain (1975)

The Supernatural 70s brought on a range of religiously charged Horror films following the success of THE EXORCIST, but instead of repeating the same serious psychological tones set by Friedkin or Polanski, director Robert Fuest (THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES) creates a light mood despite the dark atmosphere in this fun but cheesy Satanic flick. One of the devil's disciples attempts to deliver a bounty of souls to his master after reclaiming an ancient tome from the family that spoiled his evil plan 300 years earlier. It is up to the family's last remaining son to intervene and destroy Satan's minions once and for all! William Shatner and Ernest Borgnine ham it up in their respective roles of good versus evil, with their extreme overacting only adding to the charm and personality of the picture. Fuest's direction and style are far more reserved than in the PHIBES films, replacing the colorful Art Nouveau sets with darkly dressed halls and exteriors. Corbis' army of black-cloaked and eyeless followers are also quite unsettling as they silently block the Prestons' escape. The plot and characters inevitably take second stage to the special FX in the picture, which are best demonstrated in the goat-headed Corbis' make-up design and the gooey finale where the cult members are all melted away by The Devil's Rain. What it lacks in overall quality, it more than makes up for in campy fun, making THE DEVIL'S RAIN worth seeking out!

Rating: 6/10.
Entertainment: 7/10.
Gore: 5/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. How have I never heard of this one before? I've got to get this one.

  2. Funny thing about this movie is that they had the help of the founder of "The Church of Satan"...yet the movie was still a joke! This movies version of Satan is hilarious!

    Love that slimy gooey ending. And Ernest Borgnine as Satan with a beer belly was fuuuuuny! Agree, its worth seeking out for its fun aspects alone.

  3. Saw this a few weeks back, via Netflix, and it was okay. Definitely a cheesy flick, hard to take it all too seriously.

  4. Okay, I love chessy horror films! I will definately add this to my collection. In fact we are going to put in on the schedule for the Davis Graveyard drive in this summer!!!


  5. Froggie this is as cheesy as you can get, it will be a hit at the graveyard, and its kid friendly at a safe PG!

  6. The melting went on too long and the movie was cheesy but the great cast and creepy atmosphere more than made up for it.

  7. Yeah its just such a weird film overall, but I cant hate on it when Ernest Borgnine plays such an awesomely over the top devil =D

  8. This down-market Seventies "classic" is just a terrifically fun movie, given a modicum of class by an amazing cast (William Shatner, Ernest Borgnine, Ida Lupino) and the creative touch of British director Robert Fuest (THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES, WUTHERING HEIGHTS). It's unique as a spooky Satanic Western with the most memorably goopy finale ever. Not to be missed for fans of the era.

    And by the way: ignore all the puff trumpeting this flick as John Travolta's screen debut. In fact it was, but even on repeated viewings you will search in vain for that unmistakable grinning face as Travolta is an unidentifiable extra whose mug is entirely obscured by thick "melting" makeup. This didn't stop drive-ins to bill Travolta as the star in its first reissue.

    Forget Travolta, just kick back and enjoy this truly weird and nostalgic show.