Forever Evil (1987)

FOREVER EVIL is an appropriate title, as the film may possibly be the longest and most uneventful Horror entries ever made. After his friends are killed by an undead monster, Marc must set out to destroy the evil lurking in the forest with the help of a young photographer that escaped the terror years earlier herself. It is impossible to overlook the staged scripting and horrific acting even though the film was made on a a limited budget. The emotionless characters turn the otherwise serious tone into an unintentionally hilarious mess as they calmly discover each of their closest friends and lovers brutally murdered without so much as flinching. Evans liberally borrows from THE EVIL DEAD series, ineffectively incorporating a mish-mash of evil forest spirits, zombies, and possessed foliage while also attempting to employ similar camera techniques. The plot fumbles around aimlessly for over an hour as the characters search for the source of the evil, which drives the pacing to a halt and offers no action or thrills. A few bloody gore scenes and decent low-budget make-up FX serve as the only redeeming qualities in this otherwise tiring Indie Horror effort.

Rating: 3/10.
Gore: 5/10.
Number of views: 1.


  1. Wow! You find some doosies! I've never heard of this one (apparently with good reason), but I admit to looking for the most obscure things I can from the 70s and 80s. Good find--well, maybe that's not the best term...

  2. If the ridiculous humor had only held out it could have been the next Troll 2, but instead it was just a complete chore to watch