The Gate 2 (1992)

Terry becomes obsessed with The Gate after narrowly escaping from the demons five years ago. He summons the creatures once more, and manages to trap one of the minions which has the ability to grant wishes for its captor. Naturally, the wishes have ironic consequences, and each wish comes at a terrible cost. While the special FX do not fall anywhere near the same incredible level as the original, THE GATE 2 does offer much of the same stop-motion animation and forced perspective sequences that never fail to impress. Where the film does begin to show an immediate decline is in the sluggish pace and annoying characters (including the once enjoyable Terry). The recycled take on The Monkey's Paw fails to deliver anything new or interesting to the original story, and tries to substitute plot and character for a few gooey FX sequences. The climax of the film finds Terry and his new love interest crossing through The Gate in to the hellish alternate dimension in a final confrontation with one of the demon lords, but the scene is short lived and only delivers the most unconvincing special FX and costuming of the entire feature. After stripping away the childhood fantasy, terrifying mood, and likable characters in THE GATE, THE GATE 2 becomes just another watered down sequel that lacks most of the successful elements of the original.

Rating: 5/10.
Gore: 3/10.
Number of views: 4.

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  1. Glad you reviewed it. I was curious, but I also don't get my hopes up on sequels.

  2. I always remember it being better than it is, too bad too because I LOVE The Gate