Ghoulies 4 (1994)

Jonathan, the apprentice sorcerer from the original, returns as a wise-cracking cop who must stop his ex-girlfriend from summoning his evil half from an alternate dimension. In her first failed attempt, she mistakenly unleashes two of The Ghoulies, before kidnapping Jonathan's new love as a final sacrifice. GHOULIES 4 would have been considered a Horror Comedy if it were even the least bit funny. Instead, it stumbles through one failed joke after another just as the characters stumble through the meaningless and inane script. Rarely has such a low quality B-movie managed to become so convoluted, rending the plot completely incomprehensible until well after the hour mark. John Carl Buechler's classic monster designs and puppets are scrapped for two unremarkable costumed characters played by a pair of little actors that are only given the worst one-liners. With all of this against it, one would hope that the film would make up for all of its other failings with a gratuitous amount of violence and gore, but the near-bloodless film even disappoints in this arena. It would seem that things couldn't get any worse from here, but GHOULIES 4 also has some of the most dreadful special FX sequences of any low budget feature. There is no excusing this type of careless filmmaking, and the film should be avoided.

Rating: 4/10.
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  1. That about sums it up, yeah.

    There are a few decent moments (the lady turning a random guy into a demon in an alleyway), but they are not set-up well and serve no purpose.

    As a bonus, the Ghoulies are made up to be bad, black stereotypes. Two things to note: they are credited as 'White Ghoulie' and 'Black Ghoulie' & the 'Black Ghoulie' eats fried chicken in one scene. Um...

    Besides, there is a scene which implies that a woman is going to have sex with the Ghoulies in exchange for them stopping a mugger. Ew.

  2. The only scene I didnt hate was the awful portal scene at the end, amazing. I cant believe anyone was able to create FX that terrible.