The Hitcher (1986)

After narrowly escaping the knife of a deranged hitchhiker, Jim must compete in a deadly game of cat and mouse in order to stop the maniac from killing more people on a lonesome stretch of highway. THE HITCHER is a perfectly crafted suspense film built on superior characters and mood as well as a kinetic score. Rutger Hauer is as charismatic as he is deathly terrifying as John Ryder. He instills more fear and intensity in a single smile than in a scowl. The desolate desert backdrop makes for a hopeless setting where a homicidal madman could conceivably go on a murderous rampage and avoid capture. The carefully crafted plot and structure make for a brilliant cat and mouse chase that is fueled by revenge and sport. Just when the film feels like it is at its safest, when nothing could possibly go wrong, Ryder glides in like a shark and catches both the characters and the audience completely by surprise. Eric Red's keen scripting paired with Hauer's impeccable performance both serve to create one of the genre's most notorious and memorable human villains. THE HITCHER is a high-octane ride from start to finish, and is a must-see for all Horror fans!

Rating: 9/10.
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  1. Spot-on review! I got my crush on Rutger from this movie--crazy, huh? I guess I like the bad boys. He did it so well, he seemed positively soul-less with those icy eyes and boyish grin. C. Thomas Howell was so perfect for that part too. What a combo! The remake totally sucked, huh? ARGH!

  2. I actually only saw this for the first time tonight if you can believe it, still havent seen the remake but at $0.08 on amazon how can I resist?? Im a sucker for cheap DVDs.. =D

    Did I mention my daughters name is Autumn?

  3. Great creepy film with a no-holds-barred ending!

  4. Great review. I love the film. I didn't care for the remake so much, but the original... good stuff.