NEKRomantik (1987)

NEKROMANTIK is every parent's worst nightmare. It is the film they have built up in their minds to represent the Horror genre at large. However, genre fans will be surprised to find that the film is just as much a character study into the darkest recesses of the human psyche as it is a repulsive shocker. The action finds a man who is growing increasingly jealous as his wife begins to prefer making love with the festering corpse that he has brought home from work for their necrophilic escapades. After she leaves him for the corpse, he is left to wallow in despair as he spirals deeper in to his own psychosis and even more deplorable acts. Every scene of NEKROMANTIK is intentionally shot to shock and disgust, including unnecessary shots of urination, animal slaughter, and a range of perversions that are often irrelevant to the plot. The visceral gore goes far beyond anything that has been seen in the past, inducing vomit in even the hardened Horror fans through the use of real animal intestines and a sickening finale. The 8mm filming combined with the unnerving score and grotesqueries on screen culminate into a gritty and voyeuristic experience. Buttgereit makes bold statements concerning desensitization through media exposure, but he does so by using even more extreme sensationalism and gore than that which occurs in the films he is commenting against. Despite the purely exploitative plot and lurid themes, NEKROMANTIK is competently acted and directed in order to achieve maximum effect. The fact that it is not poorly made makes the film that much more powerful and dangerous, since it cannot be easily dismissed or disregarded as callow and unsophisticated garbage. This same form of subversive cinema would carry in to Buttgereit's subsequent films, and would also serve as a significant influence on later shockers found in the AUGUST UNDERGROUND series and more recently the equally necrophilic DEADGIRL. While certainly not for all audiences, NEKROMANTIK has a notorious reputation that is well deserved, making it an important (if not distasteful) entry in the genre.

Rating: 8/10.
Gore: 9/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. I used to have the VHS tapes of this and the sequel. Oddly enough, these two stayed rented out a lot at a local vid store in the area. The second one is more "sophisticated". The bits with the broomstick handle, the cat and the ending were totally OTT. And that "romantic" piano music!

  2. I've heard of it but never seen it. Sounds very trippy.

  3. Blockbuster Im sure =D

    I like to think I am pretty tough skinned when it comes to this stuff, but when it got to the end, there was a second or two there where I almost wretched.

    TS - I'd love to say that this one is better left to myth, like Faces of Death, but it should actually be seen.

  4. No, it was a video store called Brewers, an independently owned outfit. There were a couple of them around. When Blockbuster came, the one in my town closed up shop. The one that's about 20 minutes away is still in operation. I never rented from blockbuster and they have since gone under here over the last year or two.

  5. Video Town was my one stop shop, they were the only ones to carry anything international or "dangerous". Glad to here one of the shops is still running, every single independent video house has closed here as well as all of the Hollywood videos, and now Blockbuster is on the out and out (finally). I need to open up shop and run my sinister monopoly

  6. Buttgereit's masterpiece was the first of the "disgruntled video store giving tween me" and he allowed me to rent this filth.

    Little did he know what he did.

  7. This film was absolutely disgusting, so was the second. I didn't make it all the way through either of them. icky, ick!