NEKRomantik 2 (1991)

Rob's recently deceased corpse is exhumed from the grave by a woman with the same necrophilic obsession he had shared in his life, who then brings his body home to fulfill her own sexual desires. After a chance meeting with a charming younger man, she attempts to maintain a normal relationship with her new love interest, but he is unable to satisfy her... At least, while he is still breathing. NEKROMANTIK 2 thrusts the audience back into a world of depravity and perversion, though this time Buttgereit handles the subject matter with a more tasteful and serious approach. Even with the minimal dialog, he is able to convey the inner struggle of a woman that is a prisoner of her own morbid desires through the mounting tension and visual storytelling. The film is less gruesome and over the top than its predecessor (though no less shocking), with the clear exception of the finale, which is arguably even more revolting and unexpected than the climax of the original. Pacing becomes Buttgereit's greatest challenge as he extends trivial scenes to unnecessary lengths in an attempt to justify the film as art. NEKROMANTIK 2 can be dissected as a metaphor for a diseased new relationship, praised as a daring hybrid of Exploitation and Art House, or enjoyed (dismissed?) as just another sickening shocker, but either way, Buttgereit manages to create an equal to his controversial first film.

Rating: 8/10.
Gore: 9/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. Part 2's ending is more shocking than Part 1. I try not to look too deeply into these movies...and go with your "or enjoyed as just another sickening shocker" prognosis.

  2. From this film I learned if a guys head is suddenly decapitated, then a person can wrap something around his freshly dead dang-a-doodle...making his sex life with a sick-twisted-twat live on! :X