Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Reptile (1966)

A small village is plagued by a black death that is brought on by a mysterious creature that strikes in the night, and it is up to a newcomer and the town's barkeep to drive out the poison that is quickly diminishing the town's population. This tale is one of two films (PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES being the second) that served as a critical response to British colonialism in to India, with the creature's attacks serving as a form of retribution for the social and political influence that was forced upon the eastern world. While it is much smaller in scope to many of Hammer's other productions, the dimly lit sets, atmospheric exteriors, and brooding score make for a sinister mood. The creature design is impressive for the time outside of a pair of googly eyes, but it is made all the more frightening by Pearce's serpentine figure and movements. THE REPTILE also lacks the star power of the other Hammer greats, but this actually acts in its advantage, with the small cast offering believable low-profile performances that suit the cramped village setting. This entry is an atypical creature feature with unusually high production values for the B-Movie plot.

Rating: 8/10.
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  1. Hey Carl, nice review. I like the Hammer films and haven't checked out The Reptile yet but definitely going on my list now. Interesting socio-political angle.

    BTW, I had to smile when reading."...severed as a critical response to British colonialism in India." Seems like someone promised to use Spellcheck more frequently so very recently.

  2. Hence the inherent problem with spelchecker lol.. In the likely case that I misuse a word but it is still spelled correctly theres like 0% chance I am going to catch it in my proofreading, thanks for the catch!

  3. He who lives by the spellchecker, dies by the spellchecker. I think that's how it goes. I actually did a review of Spellcheckers some time back and how the world will end because of them. Frankly I say to heck with spelling, we'll all be speaking in texting lingo in 10 years anyway.

    Love the review. I've seen this one and always thought it was a classic.

  4. I have to admit; when I was little this movie scared me so much that I had to turn it off, and I haven’t watched it since. Now, however, I think its time to fix such a shameful situation and watch the movie in its entirety.

  5. But what if it doesnt change, think of the sheer terror!!1 =D

  6. If this movie scared me again I would love it! I so miss the joy of being terrified to the point of having to leave a light on at night.

  7. I hear ya man, its sad really, call it desensitization or what you will, but it takes a real fright to get me going any more. Paranormal Activity and The Descent are the only two recent films I can remember jumping at in years!


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