Watch Me When I Kill (1977)

A dancer and her friend become entangled in a murderous plot when several of the people surrounding them, each of whom share the same mysterious past, fall prey to a gloved killer. WATCH exhibits all of the established characteristics of the Giallo as set forth by genre masters Mario Bava and Dario Argento: the violently overstated deaths, the gloved killer, POV shots from the killer's perspective, as well as a slow reveal of clues as told through a series of flashbacks and memories. Antonio Bido offers clean visuals filled with fluid camera movements and beautiful cinematography. Unfortunately, most of the strengths and stylistic devices used in the film serve as mere imitations of stronger films like DEEP RED. Skilled imitations, but imitations none the less, right down to the electric score that closely resembles Goblin. As with most other Gialli, the final reveal of the killer comes as a complete shock, since none of the clues leading up to it could have possibly anticipated the convoluted ending. That is not to say that WATCH ME WHEN I KILL is a bad film or entry in the sub-genre by any means, Bido simply does nothing to distinguish the picture with its own unique style or form. Giallo fans will neither be disappointed nor blown away by this average effort.

Rating: 7/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. Jeez, you really find the interesting ones. I thought I was jaded about the 70s movies, but there's one I missed. Sounds intriguing, though.

  2. I like keeping things interesting with a broad range of films so that there is always something that appeals to someone on any given day of the week =D

    If you are a Gialli fan, it is a familiar and enjoyable flick, but the average mainstream Horror fan will likely be uninterested.