Basket Case 2 (1990)

After nearly being killed in the closing events of BASKET CASE, Duane and Belial are whisked away to a safe haven for freaks run by Granny Ruth, where each of the twins find new love interests amongst her malformed tenants. Their new found sanctuary risks exposure when a group of nosy reporters intrude in their affairs, but the freaks won't give up their home without a fight! Frank Henenlotter dramatically increases the scope of this followup over that of the original, rounding out the production with polished cinematography, superior make-up and costuming, and a much more professional cast. The resulting film loses the quirkiness that had been found previously in place of a much more serious tone, although Hentenryck returns with his usual awkwardness. Granny Ruth's "children" have been given a range of unique, frightening, and unusual designs, but with so many strange new characters, Belial is unfortunately forced to take a back seat to much of the proceedings. In a particularly nightmarish sequence, the terrifying horde slowly ascends on a camera man in the strobe of his flash. In terms of production, BASKET CASE 2 far exceeds the original, but in doing so, it loses much of the charm and creative design seen previously. As a series sequel, it is still an enjoyable entry for fans of the first film.

Rating: 7/10.
Number of views: 3.

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  1. Yeah, I felt parts 2 and 3 lacked the magic of the first Basket Case....

  2. While everything was so slick, yet rubbery in this one, it lacked that poverty row look of sleaze that made the inadequacies of the original so "upscale". I thought the sex scene between Belial and Eve was hilarious. Henenlotter's FRANKENHOOKER from around the same time has a similar vibe, too.

  3. Yeah I certainly dont dislike this one, but it is almost polar opposite of the original in terms of style and uniqueness

  4. I haven't seen it in years, but I think Belial is turned into a Terminator type thing in the third. The scene with the attack of the baby Belial's was right funny in that one.