Blood Cult (1985)

A series of campus murders are attributed to a sadistic blood cult, and it is up to an aged detective to unravel the mystery surrounding the group in order to end the bloody rampage! BLOOD CULT is a dreadful excuse for a Horror movie that gives "low-budget" a whole new meaning. The opening scene sets the tone for the entire picture, as a college coed is brutally killed (off camera) in a series of poorly edited shots sprayed with fake blood. Christopher Lewis films this cheapie shocker on a hand-held camcorder, which is fitting considering the amateur writing and production. The unattractive and awful cast could only have been assembled from the director's friends and family paired with members from the local acting troop. If one element of the film is even remotely worth watching for, it would have to be the spotty gore that lines the script with prosthetic limbs and gallons of corn syrup. BLOOD CULT is a purely amateur effort that is next to unwatchable, and should be left to devotees of schlock cinema.

Rating: 2/10.
Gore: 5/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. Never heard of it, and I don't think I am gonna search it out.