The Dark Power (1985)

A house filled with college co-eds must struggle to survive when the ancient Indians buried beneath its grounds return for bloody revenge! THE DARK POWER is an extremely amateurish Slasher effort that almost isn't even worth mentioning. To name just a few of its many flaws, it is chocked full of cookie cutter characters, dreadfully forced dialog, awful acting, and a terrible score. While many of these disappointments can be written off if a Slasher delivers the gore, THE DARK POWER fails even worse in this department. Absolutely nothing happens until the hour point, after which the four poorly costumed Toltec priests ascend on the house, wreaking minor havoc with only the cheapest in low-budget deaths. Most of the characters are killed by a quick arrow to the chest, with a single exception where one of the male character's faces is ripped clean in half. The film could conceivably be enjoyed as a terrible B-Movie joke with friends, considering it possesses some of the most absurd and unnecessary scenes out of the 80s video circuit (including a mindless whip battle), but alcohol would be a necessary prerequisite. THE DARK POWER is an experiment in tedium that challenges its audience's patience and threshold for self-inflicted torture.

Rating: 3/10.
Gore: 4/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. You know, Carl, sometimes it's just worth learning what not to watch. You save me much misery on Netflix. I usually give movies like this about 10-15 minutes max. Once I realize the director wanted to focus on bimbos and meatheads on a vacation, I know what I'm in for (eyes rolling back into my head).

  2. Honestly the only reason I sit all the way through many of these types of pictures is to maintain my integrity as a reviewer, as painful as it may be sometimes ;)

  3. Totally awful, awful movie. I rented it on VHS back in the day on a whim. I don't even recall finishing it. The only thing I do remember is that damn whipping scene.

  4. That whipping scene constitutes the 10s I almost enjoyed myself, it was pretty hilarious. That was Grandpa from SNDN, no?

  5. No, that was Will Hare (I think that's his name). I seen him on a bunch of tv shows and he had a decent role in the hilarious ENTER THE NINJA (1981) starring Franco Nero, Sho Kosugi and Christopher George.