Thursday, April 8, 2010

Disturbia (2007)

DISTURBIA is a fun modernization of REAR WINDOW, updated for the Information Age of video games, webcams, and cell phones. It finds a troubled young teen who is sentenced to house arrest after a violent episode at school. With nothing left to do, he takes to watching the neighbors, but finds out more than he wanted to when he witnesses a series of suspicious activities taking place next door. For a polished Teen Horror flick, it delivers plenty of action, comedy, and suspense in a pretty little package. Shia LeBeouf hits his stride as the average, everyday boy next door in a winning performance that is single-handedly responsible for the overall success of the picture. The script is smart and well written considering its target audience, which allows for a greater appeal to both the teen and older Horror crowds. Where the film makes its greatest misstep is in its largely overblown finale, which would have been much more effective if it had been scaled back to a more subtle end. While it doesn't reinvent the wheel, DISTURBIA makes for an entertaining watch with a fresh twist on the voyeuristic theme laid out in the Hitchcock classic.

Rating: 8/10.
Number of views: 3.

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  1. An 8/10 is really generous, but I did actually enjoy this movie too. It's the only thing that Shia Lebouf is in where I don't want to punch him in the face.

  2. It is good, definitely better than tons more crap out there!

  3. I was on the ledge with this one, couldnt decide between the 7 and 8, but went with the 8 since its above average for teenie bopper Horror. I 100% agree though Aaron, this is the only film with the exception of his cameo in DUMB AND DUMBERER where I can even stand him, let alone like him.

  4. I readily admit, I have a few movies that I watch repeatedly over and over again--they're like background movies when I'm doing other things. Disturbia is one of them. I'm a huge fan of Rear Window and I love this movie with the modern twist, plus as a kid I thought the neighbor was killing people and spent one summer stalking him, so I totally get it. Joy Ride is another one of those types too. Love the soundtrack--as well!

  5. I agree the ending was a little misfire. I was surprised just how much I enjoyed the film though.


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