Midnight Meat Train (2008)

A photographer stumbles upon the subway to Hell while trying to capture the dark heart of the city on film. He discovers that it harbors a passenger that mercilessly slaughters its riders on the late train, and begins following the killer in order to get that perfect shot... MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN is a welcome surprise which is sure to shock even hardened Horror fans with its brutal violence and explicit gore. While MMT receives its harshest criticisms based on its heavy reliance on computerized effects, the stylized gore is superbly handled, with every blood spatter strictly planned in advance for maximum effect. Kitamura brings a fresh, modern shooting style that is clean, unique, and highly energetic. Actor Vinnie Jones' chilling performance as the silent butcher Mahogany makes for one of the most memorable Slashers in recent film. The way he subtly beckons Leon to follow him and participate in his sinister calling gives his character a depth and personality without the benefit of speech. The utilization of a cool color palette gives the entire film the look and feel of a meat locker: both cold and sterile. MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN goes far beyond the confines of a standard Slasher entry, and delivers something wholly original and deathly terrifying!

Rating: 9/10.
Gore: 7/10.
Number of views: 2.

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  1. I liked this one, too! The end was a little ... odd, I guess, but so was the whole flick.

  2. Agreed on the ending Wings, I wonder if Barker's novel elaborated on the myth behind the creatures a bit more, because it did feel a bit rushed?

  3. I was curious to see how you'd feel about that one. A lot of people hate on the stylized visuals, the random character death and the CG gore. I can see why.

    Even so, it was a very enjoyable and visceral movie. As a side note, why was Brooke Shields even in it though? That was pointless.

  4. I enjoyed it the first time, but after the second viewing I definitely feel it has staying power and that it will grow in popularity. I am one of the biggest opponents of CG in film, but it was handled properly here. Honestly, I didnt even realize that was Brooke until now lol.. Throwawat cameo, or downward career spiral? You be the judge.

  5. Poorly done, unimaginative, and requiring a taste for violence rather than timing, acting or suspense. For the younger generation only.