Monday, August 6, 2012

The NeverEnding Story (1984)

THE NEVERENDING STORY is a feat in fantasy filmmaking, truly one of the most incredible fantasy adventures ever made. The imaginative character designs and enchanting environments bring the world of Fantasia to life in amazing detail. Director Wolfgang Petersen employs an astonishing array of special effects, from life-like puppets to matte paintings and miniatures that meld together to give the film an epic look unlike any other. Although it is based in childhood fantasy, the film touches on many darker tones and twisted villains that, along with its haunting score, often make for a frightening viewing experience for younger audiences. A series of meaningful and memorable characters are introduced to fight the forces of darkness, characters who personify the values of courage (found in the brave warrior Atreyu), wisdom (shown by the ancient one, Morla), and valor (as seen in the self-sacrifice made by The Rockbiter and others). In the face of such heroism, the corruptive creature that is attempting to destroy this whimsical world fares no chance. On top of the High Fantasy elements the film possesses, it also delivers a powerful message against the death of imagination at the hands of apathetic parents and their disenchanted children. By frequently breaking the fourth wall, THE NEVERENDING STORY engages young Bastian as well as the viewing audience to enter the world of Fantasia and participate in the events as they unfold on screen right beside Atreyu and his companions, thereby saving all who live within this realm. THE NEVERENDING STORY holds a special place beside other timeless classics like THE WIZARD OF OZ, THE DARK CRYSTAL, and LABYRINTH.

Rating: 10/10.



  1. I'm not saying it's not a good movie, I love it myself, but a 10? Are you sure there's not a point or two you threw in that's purely nostalgia? Cause I seem to recall from my last viewing that there were parts that didn't age well.
    Otherwise, I thought it was a great review.

  2. Totally agree Carl, it is an excellent fantasy film. Great production values, great effects, great script. Im currently reading the original novel that it is based on. I'll let you know how it turns out, in fact, Ill probably write up a review on it after I finish it!

    My favorite part of this movie is the part where he is going to visit the Souther Oracle, and then looks at himself in the mirror. LOve this movie! It is one of the greatest fantasy films ever made, it is in my book right up there with the big classics.

  3. I LOVED this movie so much as a kid. I don't remember much about it but thought it was great at the time.

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  4. TS - The only part of the film that ever bothered me was the final dragon sequence with Bastion, but after just rewatching it, all of the FX are of the highest quality available by 1984's standards, I consider it to be as good as they could have possibly made it for the time, and there are no points I can argue where I feel the film could be improved. The nostalgia definitely does play a role in to it though, I still remember waking up from nightmares of the Gmork!

  5. Whatever you do, only stick with the original film. The two sequels are pretty lousy and the HBO series is a major departure from the story.

    If you want to see a version with a CG Luck Dragon (who's not even in the first 1/4 of the series), the kid not going into Fantasia & needless new character additions though, it is for you!

  6. One of the best movies...ever! It is an excellent fantasy film! 10/10 well deserved!

  7. wait there is a hbo series or was? still one of the best films.

  8. I think the HBO series was much more recent if memory serves?


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