The Ripper (1985)

THE RIPPER is the only watchable film out of Christopher Lewis' three directorial efforts. Just as he had done with BLOOD CULT the same year, Lewis filmed the entire feature on camcorder and distributed it as one of the first direct-to-video releases. This second attempt displays an advancement in technique and improved cinematography over his earlier film, and while it still falls drastically short of any of the mainstream Slashers, it does manage to capitalize on each of the conventions that popularized the bloody sub-genre throughout the 80s. THE RIPPER finds a college professor who is teaching a course on famous murders in film when he stumbles across a ring that he believes belonged to Jack The Ripper. After it attaches itself to his finger, he begins experiencing horrible nightmares in which Jack is killing the local coeds. It isn't long before news reports start filtering in about similar murders popping up all over town, and it is up to one of his own students to crack the case. THE RIPPER sports a cameo by special FX guru Tom Savini in the role of The Ripper, and cashes in on several genre references that fans will easily pick up on. Although the film is a purely amateur effort, the special FX and gore succeed over every other aspect in the production, with numerous women having their throats slit ear to ear before their guts are violently ripped from their torsos. Between the high body count and adequate plot, THE RIPPER warrants at least a single viewing from the hardcore gore fans.

Rating: 4/10.
Entertainment: 6/10.
Gore: 7/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. I remember the VHS tape of this promoted Tom Savini's role even though you only actually see him briefly.

  2. The DVD is promoted the same way. I've actually put off seeing it for that reason. I may give it another chance down the line, although I don't think I need to be in any sort of rush.

  3. The VHS cover is very nostalgic for me though I still haven't seen the film. I do have a DVD-R of it though I put off watching it after hearing how awful it is and how Savini is barely in it.