Savage Harvest (1994)

When the stones from an ancient Native American ritual are disturbed by a group of teens, each of the members that came in contact with them become possessed by demons! SAVAGE HARVEST is the worst in hand-held Horror, and just goes to prove that anyone with a camera can make a film. Outside of the awkward acting, staged writing, and static camera work, HARVEST suffers from all of the usual low-budget limitations in its uneven sound recording, poor lighting, and choppy editing. Yet, in spite of all of its misgivings, director Eric Stanze does manage to unleash a series of terrifying demons while drenching the film in blood! The make-up FX take a clear influence from the Italian gore masters, with many visual references to the creatures in Bava's DEMONS. Any Indie Horror aficionados that can make their way through the painful set-up will be rewarded with a series of impressive gags around which the plot was obviously written. Necks are violently ripped open, torsos are torn in half, and there is the obligatory shotgun to the face. SAVAGE HARVEST may not make for great cinema, but once it gets rolling, it is sure to please splatter fans!

Rating: 4/10.
Gore: 7/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. Well that sounds like a waste of a perfectly good cliche. Too bad.

    Nice review.

  2. Wow i thought i was the only who had seen this...