Savage Harvest 2 (2006)

Somehow, despite a twelve year lapse in time and countless advances in technology, SAVAGE HARVEST 2 manages to be even more terrible than the original. How terrible? Really, really terrible. The sequel shows no improvements its hand-held filming, offers only the worst in amateur performances, and stretches its two-hour run time into what feels like an eternity. A trio of twenty-somethings investigate the deaths of their friends at the hands of a mysterious set of stones, but in doing so they unleash the demons that send their friends to an early grave. That is, only after over an hour of mindless exposition and empty dialog. Whereas the original film made up for its no-budget limitations by presenting the viewer with an incredible amount of blood and guts, the gore has even been drastically reduced in its followup. SAVAGE HARVEST 2 is simply unwatchable. It builds zero terror, zero suspense, and infinite boredom. There is no audience for such awful filmmaking.

Rating: 2/10.
Gore: 5/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. Damn....
    For a second, I thought that this entry's title was "Sausage Harvest 2."

    Now, THAT would have been a great title!

  2. Decidedly more delicious than SAVAGE HARVEST lol..