Street Trash (1987)

There is no way to adequately describe STREET TRASH to the unacquainted while doing justice to all of its absurdity and distasteful toilet humor. Freddie is a homeless troublemaker who must evade an angered mobster and the junkyard's psychotic leader after stealing something from each of them, while a mysterious liquor washes the city streets clean by turning the local bums into sludge! While the plot may seem simple enough, the directionless script is merely a collection of shocking and disgusting moments that are hobbled together into an incoherent day in the life of the city's homeless. Frumkes' outrageously over-the-top characters are not only content with their deplorable living conditions, but they revel in tormenting the wealthy and ruling over their squalid kingdom. STREET TRASH is most well-known for its ridiculous gross-out gore, but also for its unforgettable scenes of depravity, including a game of keep away with a severed penis and a hobo gang rape of a drunken woman. In all of its insanity, the film still manages to produce surprisingly high production values and an enormously entertaining cast, but what makes it worth watching is simply the fact that anything this twisted even exists.

Rating: 7/10.
Gore: 8/10.
Number of views: 2.

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  1. I remember reading about this in Fango and waiting and waiting for it to come out on tape. Renting it, I floored by the goofy nature of the whole thing. That scene with the man stealing chicken in the grocery store never fails to bring me to tears. Might have to break open that DVD now.

  2. That is probably my favorite scene, I was just laughing to myself about it while writing the review! Love when he is storming out cussing everyone out with the chicken falling out of his pants

  3. "Sir, that's chicken comin' out of your pants!"

    "I can't help it yo' cashiers mistake dog food for chicken."

    "Now you talkin' bra! I'm 'o report you to yo' superiors! Fuckin' jelly ass ni**a gonna take sum granny bitches word over mine?!"

    Something along those lines.

  4. My buddy and I first got wind of this on Buzz and Tony's Drive-In Reviews, and our only copies were ones we made by hooking two VCRs together. Now it has a special edition DVD. Great post, love this movie.

  5. Great review, Carl. I checked this one out a few months back and loved it!