The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)

After being abandoned by her vampire love, Edward, Bella throws herself into the arms of her childhood friend Jacob. Fate would seem to have another plan for her, as Jacob also pushes her away after discovering he possesses his own set of monstrous new powers. Now, it is up to Bella to set off to Italy to save Edward from being killed, while deciding once and for all which side she must take in the epic battle between the vampires and werewolves inhabiting her small town. Chris Weitz steps in to the director's chair in this strong sequel to the smash hit TWILIGHT, and manages to juggle the action, drama, romance, and suspense with much success. A vibrant color palette and ambitious filming lend the film a stimulating visual style, though the computerized werewolf characters often come off as being a bit cartoony. The love triangle between Bella, Jacob, and Edward is riddled with the expected teen angst, but outside of some of the sappier moments, the trio of young actors are all in good form and deliver solid performances. Considering the fact that it is a Romance film that just happens to include characters out of the Horror realm, let alone the fact that it is a sequel, NEW MOON does an excellent job at advancing the characters and the drama carried over from the book series while catering specifically towards its intended audience.

Rating: 9/10.**
Number of views: 1.

**Before this rating is called in to question, be sure to note that the grading scale being used in this particular instance would be for similar romantic teen Horror films of its kind, if they existed, which to my knowledge they probably don't. I can't rightfully rate and critique this film against a genre and audience that it is not catered to.

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  1. "Blood and Chocolate" and "The Covenant" were soooo much better than this. In fact, about the time Bella took off for Italy, I stopped the movie, put it back int the sleeve and mailed it to Netflix. The overly white-faced Edward and the suicidal angst thing just drove me bonkers. The first one had beautiful scenery and music to distract me from what a godawful bunch of drivel it was. Yeah, there are other horror teen/romance movies like the ones mentioned above and they have this beat by a mile.

  2. I fully expected t hate this one, but astonishingly enough I was interested the entire time. The first film grew tired by the third act, so I dont know if it was the werewolves (which I am always partial to) or what, but I honestly didnt hate this film. Weird. Maybe Im growing wussier in my old age lol..

  3. Really you saw this? I still havent seen any of these movies...and I hope to keep it that way unless I get Clockwork Oranged into seeing it.

  4. I wish I could say that it was only because the wife wanted to rent it, but I have a genuine interest in anything that has such a huge cult following, if for nothing else than to see what the big deal is about. For what they are, the films are bad, they are just really, really wussy.

  5. i sat in this with the wife and friends in the show... i would have rather been kicked in the head for the hour and half i wasted. now i never saw the first one, so i cannot judge too much. there was one cool part, and i don't mean the credits... the bad girl who spent most of the time running away... interesting!

    and my wife and friends said "the book was so much better", then why oh why was the that not how the movie was... response "the budget" was not big enough... i said 50mil wasn't enough...

    spoiler: why didn't they call someone who was there who knew him, before edward tried to walk into the sunlight... bella who was to take the red-eye and the traffic slows her down, but makes it there just in time... poo!

    yes i paid attention, but as i wrote this i flexed my muscles with my shirt off.


  6. My brother tries watching this movie, but couldn't make it past the first thirty minutes. This is the same person who watched 'Helvetica,' a documentary on the font!

    Honestly, I know enough about the movie to know that I'm not going to like it. Maybe that will change in a few years and I can look at it fresh. I doubt it, but maybe.

  7. I hate Twilight. I just can't, in good faith, even watch any film associated with that franchise. I'd feel dirty afterwards.