Attack of the Vegan Zombies (2010)

A more suitable title would have been ATTACK OF THE ALCOHOLIC ZOMBIES, since the film takes a much more critical look at the effects of alcoholism than it does on meat-eating. After years of failed crops, a desperate wife turns to witchcraft to revive the grape harvest for her struggling husband. The vines return, but the juice from their fruit transforms all who drink it in to winethirsty zombies who attack anyone that has had a drink! VEGAN ZOMBIES' goofy B-movie plot compliments the title, but is derailed by the seriousness of the acting and filming. It has trouble deciding if it is a silly spoof or a socially conscious metaphor, especially when it shares just as many thematic links with NIGHT OF THE LIVING as it does with TROLL 2. Townsend makes the most of his inexperienced actors, colorful settings, and ambitious camera work, which borrows generously from genre classics like THE EVIL DEAD. A lighter tone and increased vegan zombie action would have benefited this small film, but for the budget, it makes a valid effort at creating something unique and significant that Indie Horror fans are sure to enjoy.

Rating: 5/10.
Gore: 3/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. Hated Plaga Zombies, but dug Zombie Honeymoon!

  2. Then I would recommend this film for sure, it has much much more in common with ZH than PZ!

  3. such wonderful suggestions... i have not heard of any of these... thanks