Basket Case 3 (1992)

Henenlotter really misses the mark here after stretching his plot and characters too far over the limit for the average viewer. BASKET CASE 3 is a direct continuation of the second film, picking up with Granny Ruth and the gang heading off to Uncle Hal's house so that Eve can deliver a litter of baby things that she conceived with Belial. When the locals hear of their arrival, they attempt to kidnap Duane, Belial, and the kids to cash in on a huge reward. All of the creepy creatures return from before, bringing with them a few new creations and more strange designs. Most of the horror has been stripped from the series in place of a higher amount of B-movie camp, though a prison break does give Henenlotter the chance to throw in some more outrageously over-the-top gore! Hentenryck provides the only enjoyable performance, but even his antics begin to wear at this point. It just feels like Henenlotter has lost direction, and has begun recycling successful plot points to carry this final entry. Anyone that enjoyed the second film will find plenty to like in BASKET CASE 3, but it is otherwise a mediocre film at best.

Rating: 6/10.
Gore: 5/10.
Number of views: 3.

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  1. The only parts I remember in this one is the attack of the baby Belials (in a police station I think) and the TERMINATOR Belial. I think I liked the second one better with the first film being the best.

  2. Same here, the first is the only remarkable entry in the series, but I still have fun with the second film

  3. I dont think Henenlotter wanted to make this film, but it was the only one that producers were willing to fund, so he went with it and filmed it.

    I liked the scene where Eve is giving birth to all those mutant baby Belials. And that scene with Robo Belial.