Dark Corners (2006)

Two women, Karen and Susan, lead two dramatically different lives that are connected by two things: their dreams, and a mysterious killer that haunts them both. One's terrifying reality becomes the other's nightmare, but which of them is living the real life, and which of them is just a fantasy? Conceptually, DARK CORNERS succeeds in creating an interesting and unique premise that the execution is unable to deliver on. Thora Birch is a long ways off from her incredible performances in GHOST WORLD and AMERICAN BEAUTY, and fails to bring either of the two characters to life in her dual roles. The nightmarish world that has been created for Karen is far too overstated to be believable, repelling the viewer with its cluttered sets and bilious color palette. Director Ray Gower does generate several remarkable transitions between realities, however the forced visual metaphors that are used for Susan's difficulties conceiving are far too obvious and distract from the plot. DARK CORNERS is an ambitious attempt at creating alternate worlds that just never manages to reach its fullest potential.

Rating: 6/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. I've never really cared for Thora Birch outside of Ghost World. It's too bad it rates so low. The premise sounds interesting.