Don't Look Now (1974)

An architect and his wife are haunted by visions of their dead daughter running through the streets of Venice, while the police chase a murderer that is running loose in the dark canals. DON'T LOOK NOW plays on several major themes, with the most prominent being that "Nothing is what it seems." This is constantly replayed in everything from John's restoration work to the thrilling climax . Julie Christie plays opposite of the great Donald Sutherland as the troubled married couple coping with their loss, as the two are faced with the prospect of communicating with their dead daughter through a pair of psychic sisters. The uncertainty of the sisters' motives drives the suspense just as much as the murders in town and the supernatural elements of the plot, since it they are not revealed to be friend nor foe until the closing act. Where the picture will find the most difficulty in attracting new audiences is in its deliberate pacing, which takes great strides in developing the characters and plot but lacks the action or frights of most modern ghost tales. The distinct 70s vibe and methodical delivery will appeal to fans of the similarly structured AUDREY ROSE or LET'S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH, where mood and atmosphere win over gore and violence. DON'T LOOK NOW holds a high standing alongside other Supernatural Suspense Thrillers, and is well worth the wait for the shocking finale.

Rating: 8/10.
Entertainment: 7/10.
Number of views: 2.

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  1. This is just one of those movies that I've tried and tried and tried to figure out why people like it so much and think it was spooky. I'm a HUGE fan of 70s horror and the atmospheric stuff, but I really didn't get this movie. I tried to watch it like 5 times and couldn't build up any spooky feelings. In fact, I found it so slow and boring, that I can't even tell you what it was about. I must have just missed something...

  2. I think that is why there is the SAW-like reveal in the end quickly flashing back to all of the events leading up to the final twist, in my first watch through I was just as lost! I'd say its far more suspenseful than spooky for sure, since I find the sisters to be the most ominous force in the film and not the daughter or the killer

  3. I got lost half way through this but there were many things I liked about it. I probably would have loved the ending if I hadn't been so lost.

  4. I got lost 10m in to the sex scene. God damned was that the longest sex scene I have ever seen in a non-porno

  5. Amazingly neither JM nor I have seen this movie yet. I've wanted to forever after seeing creepy clips of the little person running around in a red coat or something. And, of course, I'm always up for mind-numbingly long sex scenes.

  6. I thought it was just okay. Loved the photography and the suspense was nice. Loved the ending, too, and wondered if Argento hadn't had this film in mind when he did PHENOMENA.

  7. I'm still watching this movie after 2 months and call me stupid, I still can't either stay awake, figure out that Donald is hiding somthing, or why there is NOONE on the streets of Venice but the two main characters!! I'll watch again on a boring Suday afternooner.

  8. Are you gentlemen insensitive or just impatient?

    A Nicholas Roeg masterpiece, based on the story by Daphne Du Maurier (THE BIRDS, REBECCA). A subtle story of a haunting with a mind-blowing shock ending.

    My rating: 10/10 *****/5 Extraordinary.