Frankenfish (2004)

Although the plot is indistinguishable from countless other killer animal flicks, FRANKENFISH is a step above the usual direct-to-video releases. Sam Rivers is charged with uncovering the truth behind a recent rash of animal attacks in the Louisiana bayou, which brings him and a group of locals face to face with the genetically-engineered monstrosities swimming just beneath the surface! The production qualities far exceed the subject matter here, as it offers competent filming along with its mid-budget sets, action, and gore. Despite their purely digital creation, enough effort has been made to allow the creatures to manipulate and interact with their environments, bringing with them some sense of believability. The FX team has also done a solid job in giving the fish a unique and realistic design, while the make-up artists have managed to squeeze in a bloody decapitation, countless bisections, and a fisherman frappe through the blades of an air boat. FRANKENFISH won't be winning any awards in the near future, but it is one of the better films of its kind to hit the DVD market in recent years.

Rating: 6/10.
Gore: 5/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. I liked this one quite a bit. One of the best films to show up on Sci Fi channel before they became SyFy. SNAKEHEAD TERROR is another rare good one that turned up on that station.

  2. Are the two films related? I know they share the same fish, but I heard a reference by one of the characters about an event in Maine where a lake was taken over by snakeheads and thought it might have been ST?

  3. I don't recall the two films being related, but they were made after some actual snakehead fish were found in a lake here somewhere in America. I saw it on CNN. The fish are supposed to be indigenous to Malaysia if I remember right. They were trying to figure out how the fish got over here in the first place. Apparently, they can come out of the water for a period of time. Maybe somebody else can elaborate that knows more about them?

  4. I been having a problem with comments not registering that they are even there at all. It happens once in a while.