Night of the Living Dorks (2004)

Three teenage losers become undead heroes after a voodoo spell goes horribly wrong. The guys head out to exact revenge on their high school tormentors using their new found powers, while trying to win over the girls of their dreams. DORKS is sure to become a sleeper hit overseas after seeing phenomenal success in its home country of Germany, inspiring an American remake that is due out in 2010. Its classic teen misfits are perfectly cast and played with excellent comedic timing by the three leads. While the cliched humor often sinks to outrageous lows, the script is cleverly written with a sharp wit and tons of bloody gags. The film also benefits from being entirely self-aware, poking fun at genre conventions while paying homage to staple Horror entries like DAY OF THE DEAD. Dinter strikes a strong balance between the laughs and shocks as well, never favoring one over the other and including plenty of both. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DORKS is one of the most enjoyable Horror Comedies in years that will get you rooting for the underdogs!

Rating: 8/10.
Entertainment: 9/10.
Gore: 5/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. Once again, you have reviewed a movie that is chilling in my Netflix queue and given it a good review. I'm always weary of zombie films, but I do love them when they are properly made, and this sounds like it is. Also, good call on it being remade...I had no clue that it was going that route.

  2. Plan on several more off the que, I just learned I can watch the Instant Views on my Wii so I have been hitting them hardcore =D

    Dont miss this one Matt, this is a buy not a rent, I enjoyed the hell out of it, and it was much smarter and more enjoyable than DANCE OF THE DEAD!