P2 (2007)

P2 finds an aspiring businesswoman trapped in the parking garage of her building on Christmas Eve as a crazed security guard stalks her every move. As the cover suggests, the only interesting character in the film is Rachel Nichol's cleavage, which isn't as sexist as it is sad. Wes Bentley is far too predictable and over-the-top as the whack job Thomas, shredding all credibility the role may have held in someone else's hands. Although Angela is written as a smart, strong, and capable female protagonist, her efforts are wasted as she is caught in a tedious game of cat and mouse. The seriousness of the plot is constantly broken up by moments of laughable gore and unnecessary humor involving Bentley's Thomas, which makes it difficult to build any suspense. This is only made worse by the heavy reliance on dramatic music cues that attempt to build false scares using only the cheapest techniques imaginable. P2 does offer all of the polished production and filming of a major studio release, and it must be stated that director Franck Khalfoun has taken advantage of every corner of the parking structure to capitalize on inherent nighttime fears. In the end, we are given a stylish thriller that lacks heart and falls short of making the grade.

Rating: 6/10.
Gore: 5/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. I think you're right. It does have a very well-made feel to it for a stalker film, but it's just one big show-down. I think if you're going to stalk someone, you don't come to a crescendo where you trap them and there's one big long confrontation. You probably torment them from afar. She had no sign this was coming. I would have rather seen her being unnerved by a long slow lead-up.

  2. I think your grade for P2 is spot on, and while it's not a great film by any stretch, it is not a bad watch either. I enjoyed enough it for the most part, but it did get shit on quite a bit when it came out, and it's a little better than most made it out to be.

  3. I enjoyed the concept of the film more than the execution, I think Bentley really drug it down, just couldnt take him seriously at any point