Return of the Vampire (1944)

RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE marks the first occasion in which Bela Lugosi donned the vampire's cape since the original DRACULA. In it, a vampire and his werewolf assistant are revived after a German air raid uncovers their tomb. Shortly thereafter, the two set off to exact their revenge against the woman who had imprisoned them by kidnapping her daughter. Lugosi shines with a power and charisma that had been lacking from his countless B-Movie performances in the years following DRACULA and WHITE ZOMBIE. In addition to the strong make-up work (particularly that of the wolf man Andreas), RETURN also offers a great number of dark Gothic set designs that access moody lighting which filters in behind the fog-drenched exteriors. Lew Landers draws obvious influence from the Universal classics, and surprisingly, he succeeds where Tod Browning's film often faltered. RETURN is fast paced, and feels much more cinematic compared to the stiff, theatrical acting that resulted from DRACULA's adaptation from the stage. The film is often overlooked, but proves to be an enjoyable and atmospheric Gothic Horror entry!

Rating: 7/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. You know I've never seen it. It's one of those movies I've intended to watch several times but never have. Good review though, I'll have to make the grand push to finally see it.

  2. This is a big thumbs up for Gothic film buffs, Big Lots had it for $3!

  3. $3? Methinketh I must make my way to big lots.

  4. Ill be honest, Ive passed on this one because I think its going to be one of those many cheap horror movies that Lugosi did after he fell from grace, but hey, if you say its solid, gothic, dark...and Lugosi shines..then I think I need to give this one a go.