Train (2009)

A college wrestling team must square off against a sadistic group of killers after boarding the wrong train on their way to a match in the Ukraine. They must struggle to survive before their organs are harvested to help heal the locals. TRAIN has far more in common with TURISTAS than it does with TERROR TRAIN, upon which it was remade. The gritty filming, brutal violence, and Eastern European setting are all reflective of the Torture Porn trend initiated by Eli Roth and Greg McLean. To that extent, it is actually better than one might expect, though it still leaves much to be desired. Where the 1980 original is nearly bloodless, TRAIN holds nothing back as the murderous villains skin and disembowel each of their victims. Audiences may be willing to forgive the generic plot and characters in lieu of the gore, however it is difficult to overlook questionable moments in the plot where the train's other passengers are indifferent to the attacks on the Americans, let alone the implausible end where Thora Birch's Alex outwrestles her 300lb assailant. Gideon Raff churns out an average attempt based on the popular HOSTEL formula, giving gore fans just enough of the red stuff to warrant at least a single viewing.

Rating: 6/10.
Gore: 7/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. While it started out as a remake of Terror Train, I don't think it can really lay claim to that now.

  2. Unless I missed something, I don't understand how she was able to either drag that guy to another train track, or tie him to the one she was on considering there was a detached train car in the way which would have caused a collision with the one that runs over the guy during the last scene.

  3. Agreed Wings, more like a remake of LIVE ANIMALS on a train ;)

    V, that is an excellent observation, I didnt even consider the fact that that train car should have still been on the tracks, let alone the other one which should have exploded and stayed on the tracks. Seeing as how she couldnt pin a chick, I dont see how she could drag that dirty hobo either.

  4. In some ways I liked TRAIN better than HOSTEL. It had far more of a mean streak and the villains were VERY nasty.

  5. I am the direhard HOSTEL fan that they whisper about in the corridors, and while I didnt hate this one, I found the implied torture and gore of HOSTEL to be much more tasteful, and without question I enjoyed the characters in HOSTEL better.

    The gore here was handled very well though, I will give them that!