Bloodthirst 2 (2005)

The BLOODTHIRST trilogy is bottom of the barrel Horror, and this sequel packs in all of the same terrible acting, poor filmmaking, and disastrous special FX of the original film. This time, a detective is sent out to locate a missing girl, when his investigation leads him to a mental health facility where the doctor and his seemingly crazed patients are convinced that the legendary Chupacabra is haunting the hillside. BLOODTHIRST 2 sets up countless throwaway characters as cannon fodder to feed the beast off camera, while splashing the minimal amounts of blood the film could afford on camera. The only reason anyone would foreseeably watch a film of this type is in the hopes that there will be some sort of spectacular creature revealed in the end, but the Chupacabra found here is an abysmal computerized abortion using only the worst CGI available. It is impressive that the creature is even able to move at all. Hopefully, the remaining copies of the film will be destroyed to save future generations from suffering through it.

Rating: 3/10.
Gore: 1/10.
Entertainment: 1/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. u just made me laugh with that last line....

  2. If copies of 'Seytan' have survived the Turkish cinema meltdown and 40 years of film degradation, we can't be lucky enough for this crap from 2005 to be destroyed.

    Don't worry though- I'll scour my local Big Lots and other random stores to find this crap. At least you won't suffer alone.

  3. It would make things a lot easier if Netflix would post them all on Instant View so we can all bask in their awful glory for free slash watch half with no regret for not finishing the film