Carriers (2009)

In CARRIERS, a viral infection has destroyed all of mankind, leaving only a few survivors to fend for themselves as they attempt to find a safe haven free from contagion. Fear and paranoia set in as a group of four find out that their precautions have failed and one of them has contracted the deadly disease, putting the others in immediate danger. CARRIERS does an amazing job at conveying a post-apocalyptic wasteland on a very modest budget. The ravished streets and empty buildings give a true sense of devastation on a grand scale. Each of the actors put forth strong performances as they balance the lighter moments in the script with the psychological struggles later on. What makes the film the most difficult to watch are the scenes involving the infected children, where the adults that are conscious of the terminal effects of the disease must make heartbreaking decisions in order to end their suffering. Unlike in 28 DAYS LATER, the infected only pose a risk of contamination rather than creating bloodthirsty monsters, which forces the plot to rely on the darker aspects of humanity to drive the tension and suspense. The biggest complaint would have to be the overall lack of direction or purpose that the film presents, along with its down ending. CARRIERS comes from the same line of paranoid cinema as its Independent brethren BUG and RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR, and makes for another solid entry in the Post-Apocalyptic sub-genre.

Rating: 7/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. My brother rented this a while back and I was pleasantly surprised by it too. Especially considering that it's a Direct-to-DVD release that only got out due to Pine being in 'Star Trek.'

    I agree with you on the direction issues too. My biggest thing was that the movie was really blatant about splitting itself into the segments that screenplays are fit into (i.e. Every 15/30 minutes, something major happens). It felt a bit like when they make plays into movies and you can see the Act Breaks.

    If you like those bleak, post-apocalyptic movies, but prefer them to be less about action and more like a Crichton book, this is a surprisingly-good one.

  2. Thats very true, the scares and major events were conspicuously timed. I was very surprised at how clean the movie was, but it was almost more like an opening episode to a post-apoc TV series the way it droned on with nowhere to go. Or maybe a King miniseries that was 20hrs long lol.. I was in to it the entire time, I just wanted there to be a reason for their continued existence.

    Actually, what I really wanted was for them to find a place where the infection had been wiped out, but then have the ironic ending where yeah, they may not have been infected, but they were carriers of the disease that were immune, and they end up killing the remaining humans when they enter the camp. Rule.