Paranormal Activity (2007)

A couple begins filming the unexplained activities that have been haunting them in their Southern Californian home. As the entity begins to show more and more signs of its presence, Micah and Katie quickly realize that they shouldn't have tempted forces that they do not fully understand. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY stands as one of the strongest "found-footage" films in the genre. The film maintains its integrity by implementing a slow and subtle terror that is built on suspense rather than the typical Hollywood jump scares. By including lengthy segments that are relatively uneventful, director Oren Peli creates a believable scenario that could conceivably happen to anyone. When the events do occur, they are so jarring and incredibly frightening that they are sure to shock even the hardened Horror fan without ever having to show anything on screen. Micah Sloat creates a rounded character that is able to sneak in a few laughs to break up the tension, however Katie's performance often becomes too scripted and unnatural to be taken seriously. The insignificant touches that are added to the house (such as the patches of dead grass in the yard or bead table that Katie works from) add an authenticity to the characters and setting. Peli's adaptation of the documentary-style format in to the ghost film proves to be a winning combination that offers some of the greatest scares in recent decades. The phenomenal box office response served to solidify this fact, making PARANORMAL ACTIVITY one of the most successful Independent films of all time.

Rating: 8/10.
Number of views: 2.

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  1. i feel this is one of the worst movies in the world....

  2. I'm kinda with 35 word review. It was horrid. I think part of it is the manipulation--you go into it knowing it's a pretend reality video and so it feels like an unreal genuineness... I thought these two locked into this suburban house with all this scary shit happening and not leaving or getting more help--seemed preposterous. I found what should have felt like genuine ghostly activity to be fake and the actors reaction to it was not really terrifying, but tired, as if they hard rehearsed the scenes too many times to feel "fresh." I hated it, but then I also hate magic acts because it makes no sense to go see something that someone is basically telling you up front--I'm gonna fake you out. I know I'm in the minority because nearly everyone I know liked it, like you did. I feel like the odd man out on this one.

  3. The way I rationalize why they stayed is because Katie had been haunted her whole life, and knew running wouldnt get her anywhere. Micah was obsessed with the idea, having never experienced anything himself, which is why he is constantly seen provoking the entity. Ill definitely give you the fact that they should have taken off either way, but what I really super like about the film is how it isnt ridiculous and over the top. Sure, with the shit going on, they should have run off, but really the activities were so insignificant to start it reminded me entirely of the stories you commonly hear in regular every day haunts.

    The thing that bothered me more than anything else was how Micah was filming everything, yet he didnt find it strange that the Ouija board caught on fire when he was reviewing the tape. Really? You didnt find that freaky enough to stop pissing off demons?

    Theres no doubt that this isnt a perfect film, but conceptually it was smartly made to play on most peoples fears, and I thought it was very scary =D

  4. I'm with you home-sliggity. I wanted to be a mega-hater because of its' crazy success but I actually wound up enjoying it. It freaked me out too and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

    I do like the original ending over the theatrical ending. The theatrical killed the authenticity of the film for me, imho. The original left me with an uneasy feeling and is far superior. Curious to see what they will do with the sequel which is totally unneeded and a mere cash crop.

    Did you see the Paranormal Entity or did you just throw that up there?

  5. Ohh I saw it, amazingly it isnt terrible.. Well.. It isnt TOO terrible.. I definitely prefer the original ending as well, I hated the theatrical ending for the exact same reason

  6. Okay- I usually don't say stuff like this but I rented this movie alone in the dark, with surround sound on and it scared the freaking
    $hit out of me!! So, there, I said it!!