Phantom of the Paradise (1974)

World-renown record producer Swan steals an aspiring composer's life work to use in the grand opening of his new club, The Paradise. Winslow, now deformed and embittered after being locked away by Swan, returns to exact his revenge, but Swan convinces him to finish his cantata in order to have it sung by the beautiful starlet that he has fallen in love with. Swan breaks his promises once more, and Winslow sets out to destroy the hip new club! Brian De Palma weaves together the legend of Faust with Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera to create a psychedelic, electrifying, and incredibly original rock opera! De Palma's dynamic shooting style carries over from his prior success SISTERS the previous year, providing a number of creative camera techniques from the split-screen to arching crane shots. Paul Williams plays opposite William Finley's Phantom in a genius pairing, while the outrageous cast of supporting characters play in to their own over-the-top performances. Winslow's twisted leather costume, iconic helmet, and synthesized screeches combine to create a larger than life superhero that is sure to have audiences rooting for the underdog. Complete with a high-powered soundtrack, THE PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE is a cult-favorite that will continue to excite and enthrall fans for decades to come!

Rating: 9/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. I wasn't quite as in love with it as you were, but I can see your point. The ending part got a little too nonsensical for me personally.

    Fun fact: I rarely watch and/or review musicals, but the two I've done are this film and 'Shock Treatment.' Both of them star the same actress. Weird.

  2. It is a weird film to watch, but I find that everytime I run into it on TV I cannot stop watching it. Probably end up in my collection eventually - but I probably won't admit that...oh wait I just did :)


  3. I indulged in the weirdness, had such a blast with the film! Amazingly, I have never seen Rocky Horror, never thought I would 'get' it, but I am off to rent and or buy soon enough