Prom Night 3 (1990)

Clearly unfazed by the mess that was HELLO MARY LOU, PROM NIGHT 3 continues with the Supernatural setting found in the second film. Thankfully, this one drops all pretension and aims for a straightforward Horror Comedy. Here, the ghost of Mary Lou continues to haunt the halls of Hamilton High, this time preying on a medical school hopeful she has the hots for. Mary Lou will do anything it takes to help him succeed, especially if it means scaring up some corpses in the process! PROM NIGHT 3's tacky humor and cornball characters are just stupid enough to earn the laughs they deserve. It is also the first film in the series that is even remotely entertaining, mostly thanks to the fun performances put forth by Mary Lou (Courtney Taylor) and her love interest Alex (Tim Conlon). The deaths are nothing short of absurd, but like so many other early 90s Slashers, they are all self-censored and extremely tame. Anyone that might have given up on the series should be sure to check this one out for a goofy good time!

Rating: 6/10.
Entertainment: 7/10.
Gore: 3/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. You know, I never knew they made other follow-up movies of this.

  2. I think that this movie had the potential to be great, but couldn't commit. Besides being a film that falls for the 'Evil Dead Effect,' it's just too non-committal.

    The Mary-Lou stuff is great, although this one is nothing compared to 'Prom Night 2's' Mary-Lou. Her kills are completely-ridiculous...but followed with serious scenes of the guy trying to bury the bodies.

    In the third act, it tries to throw in serious stuff with zombies, the 'heart-ripping' scene and the bits in Hell, but this just feels awkward. It's like 'stop laughing now.'

    Speaking of which, the stuff with her getting in and out of Hell is just silly. You can cut your chains to Hell with a nail file? Why do you even have one? Also, Mary-Lou can just get back whenever she feels like? Why does she want to? She's practically a God on Earth, what with her abilities to alter reality, create objects and randomly be tangible/intangible.

    Seriously, how can you rate this the same as 'Prom Night 2?' This film is a non-committal horror comedy with a non-sensical plot. 'Prom Night 2' is a unique horror film that tries new ideas. 'Prom Night 3' is like those white kids who dress up like black kids IMHO- nothing but a pretender.

  3. Wow, my comment is longer than the review. I must have just been on a roll, I guess. :-)

  4. lol yeah I read it originally at work and didnt have time to respond =D

    I still stand by the fact that there are no likable characters in PROM NIGHT 2, which is made all the worse by the horrendous acting and 30-somethings playing the leads. I enjoyed everything about 3, it was so much more fun and it knew going in to itself that it was a silly comedy. The bit at the end may have been a delayed reminder that it was a horror comedy, but I actually found the body burying to be funnier than the deaths themselves.

    I dont really find there to be anything new at all in PROM NIGHT 2, for me it is an uneven blend of CARRIE and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, recycling ideas from both. I havent read enough reviews from other fans to see what the general concensus is, but I will easily accept being in the minority lol..

  5. See that awkward blend is what worked for me. Besides, who watches these movies for good acting or likable characters? I watch it for the interesting stuff like demon hobby-horses and blackboards made out of water.

    Honestly, I really wanted to like 'Prom Night 3.' The uneven tone and random attempts at humor just didn't work for me.