Prom Night 4 (1992)

In 1957, a rogue priest begins killing teenagers on prom night who he considers to be 'immoral.' Thirty-three years later, he escapes from the cell his fellow clergymen have made for him, and he heads out to euthanize a new generation of party goers that are giving in to their own earthly delights. PROM NIGHT 4 returns to the standard Slasher conventions that were laid out in the first film, while completely doing away with the character of Mary Lou and any supernatural elements in the plot. Apart from being the darkest film in the series, it is actually the bloodiest and most brutal entry as well (though that still isn't saying much). The main problem in all of this is that the plot has almost nothing to do with prom night whatsoever. None of the characters are ever shown attending the prom, only driving away from it on their way to their cabin getaway. One scene does stand out from the otherwise uninteresting film, where the two leads find their friends being burnt alive on a pair of crucifixes in the woods.

Rating: 5/10.
Gore: 3/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. I rather liked this one. I suspect it might even be regarded more kindly in general if it hadn't been shoved into the "Prom Night" series, where it most certainly doesn't belong.

  2. I didn't even know there was a prom night 4. Sad.

  3. I can easily agree to that Steve, I guess my biggest qualms with the film are just the killers over the top performance and the drawn out stalk and kill with a low body count in the final third.

  4. Honestly, I couldn't muster up the interest to see this movie. That should say something, especially considering it came on the same DVD of 'Prom Night 3' that I rented. It was in my house as a free movie and I still didn't care.

    Being the completionist that I am, I'll probably force myself to sit through it one day. Given what I've read, I won't be missing much in the meantime.