Requiem (2006)

REQUIEM retells the haunting story of Anneliese Michel (changed to Michaela for the film) , a young college student plagued by 'demonic' forces that caused her both physical and mental harm before a rogue exorcism lead to her death in July of 1976. The story had been popularized a year earlier in THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE, but where EXORCISM seemed to promote the idea that Anneliese was, in fact, possessed, REQUIEM takes a much less theatrical approach in depicting the events from a psychological standpoint. Michaela's spastic behavior and horrified reactions to her visions are the only clues the audience is given as to the hidden terrors that she is experiencing. The documentary-style filming gives the viewer intimate access to the events as they occur, drawing additional sympathy from those watching as they are faced with the deteriorating effect Michaela's condition has on her sanity and those around her. What many will find to be the most disappointing aspect of the film is that it ends at what would be the story's climax (that being the series of exorcisms that resulted in her death). This choice was presumably made to allow the viewer the chance to decide whether or not Michaela was possessed for themselves, but how she may have acted during these missing sequences may have had a profound impact on the viewer's final opinion. REQUIEM remains a competent character study that approaches the subject from a subtle and unique angle.

Rating: 7/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. I like that this takes a less theatrical approach in depicting its events from a psychological standpoint, as opposed to the idea offered up in Emily Rose - that the girl is actually possessed. Will try to check this one out.

  2. It really is the perfect companion piece to EMILY ROSE, its so rare to have two opposing takes on the same story committed to film. I would have loved to see the AMITYVILLE remake where the events are explained away as normal occurances and the Lutz' planned the whole thing =D

  3. is it ment to be in subs?

  4. It is a German film, so it has been subtitled in various other languages.