Salvage (2010)

A family quarrel is broken up by the sudden arrival of military troops that begin to quarantine the small English suburb. It turns out that a shipping container filled with a deadly virus washed up just off shore, unleashing mindless chaos and murder in any of the people that come in contact with it. SALVAGE is a bloody mess (in all the right ways) that falls somewhere between the confined quarters of the Spanish-made [REC] and the world-wide pandemic in 28 DAYS LATER. It serves as a strong condemnation of war and biological weaponry as told through the zombie film. Violence quickly erupts from all sides by both the zombie menace and the soldiers that are looking to subdue the outbreak -- at any cost. This only allows the characters and plot fleeting moments in between the onslaught of attacks to establish themselves and try to make any sense of the mysterious events that they have found unraveling before them. SALVAGE manages to pack in a great deal of blood and terror, but it is handicapped by its short run time just as it reaches its suspenseful climax. For more fast-paced zombie action, SALVAGE is time well spent.

Rating: 7/10.
Gore: 6/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. Sounds like a good flick. How short is it though since it's too short?

  2. yea, sounds great. hate when a good film cuts back on the time. just when your getting into it....

  3. Just got this screener in the mail. Excited to check it out. I'll come back to your review later.

  4. It comes in at a brisk 75m but feels even shorter, but now that I think about it its probably the exact same length as REC?

  5. Great review, Carl. I agree - while this could have been such a powerful little film - it just falls short. All too brief, and one or two gaping plot holes - but all in all, really taut and gripping.