Deep Blue Sea (1999)

A remote research vessel houses a team of scientists that are performing illegal experiments in order to find a cure for Alzheimer's Disease, using genetically-modified sharks to extract a key enzyme from their brains. The tests create a breed of vicious and highly intelligent man-eaters that break free and terrorize the crew. Viewers were initially turned off to the idea of introducing computerized creatures in to the shark film, but what many fail to recognize are the incredibly realistic designs given to the robotic, radio-controlled sharks that were used in-camera. The film is also (justly) criticized for the questionable casting of rapper LL Cool J and for several of its over-the-top death scenes, but when one considers the alternatives found in SHARK ATTACK and other low-budget pictures, DEEP BLUE SEA is the only choice when it comes to killer sharks in the post-JAWS era. It is easy to overlook its many flaws and downright silly moments for the fast-paced action and unexpected gore, making this a guilty pleasure for any of the shark fans out there!

Rating: 7/10.
Entertainment: 8/10.
Number of views: 7.

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  1. A dreadful film saved by one highligh - the brilliant and unexpected demise of Samuel L. Jackson.

  2. The scariest part about this film is how many times Ive seen it lol...

  3. The worst CGI! I agree with the above comment, the way Jackson dies...priceless, and I totally didn't see it coming.
    As killer shark movies go, I'll stick to the first two Jaws films, or Mako: The Jaws of Death, Open Water. Let Deep Blue Sea sleep with the fishes.
    Dreaded Dreams,
    Petunia Scareum

  4. I will always love this movie. I watch it at least once a year.


  5. I love Deep Blue Sea, and those animatronic sharks scare the shit out of me, which makes it a bit of a tough watch being wicked afraid of sharks and all. Still, I have seen the movie a bunch of times and will proudly proclaim that my head is like a shark's fin!

  6. Awful movie. The only things I liked were Thomas Jane's character and the animatronic sharks when you got to see them. A couple of the scenes were nicely done, but that's the only good I can say about this one. The CGI, stupid dialog and LL Cool J I could have done without. Me and an old girlfriend saw both this and another awful movie that day, the remake of THE HAUNTING.

  7. Sadly, the behind the scenes are actually the best part of the entire film, since you get to see more of the animatronic sharks and learn about how they were created. Tom Jane = awesome.

  8. The "movie" sucked. Less ppl would have went to see it if it weren't for him (ll coolj). I automatically hate shark movies. Its really not scary at all. Even jaws was lame. I mean.. Just dont get in the water.. Its a shark.. End of story. Alligators/crocs are way more scary.. They will actually jump in your boat.. Or chase your ass on land (and fast too!!)