Horror (2002)

Illicit drug use and bad religion mix to become an ill-omen for five escaped mental patients when they arrive at a remote farm owned by a deranged preacher. Their minds create a hallucinatory nightmare that drives them to murder and madness as they attempt to escape from their own personal hells. HORROR adheres to a surreal dream-logic, where scenes bleed into one another and dreams blur into reality without ever distinguishing between the two. Director Dante Tomaselli focuses entirely on creating a frightening aesthetic, atmosphere, and mood, rather than establishing a linear story structure. Backlighting, fog effects, color filters, high- and low-angle shooting, each of these techniques are combined to heighten the constant state of unease and terror. HORROR also introduces a number of truly disturbing images that are accompanied by an unsettling score. The performances by the untrained cast are also forgivable given the size of the picture and the minimal dialog. Tomaselli comes through with this twisted vision of hell from the same vein of Horror as the works of Jim Ven Bebber.

Rating: 7/10.
Number of views: 2.

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  1. HOrror along with Desecration, are Dante's to best films in my opinion. He has just finished filming Torture Chamber, his latest horror film, I will be posting a review to Dante Tomaselli where he spills the beens on the experiences he and his crew had filming Torture Chamber. Expect that review sometime soon!

  2. Cant wait dude, looking forward to the film and the interview!