Campfire Tales (1997)

Four teens are stranded off the side of the road after a near collision, where they settle in and decide to tell scary stories while they wait for help to arrive. The first tale pits a newlywed couple against a pack of bloodthirsty creatures on their honeymoon in the woods. The second finds a young girl home alone on Parent/Teacher Night when her pedophilic cyberstalker decides to strike. In the third tale, a cross-country traveler stops at a remote farmhouse after his bike breaks down on the road. Unfortunately for him, the house is home to a beautiful girl, her overprotective father, and the ghosts of her past lovers. Though many of the scares do fall into tired Horror movie cliches, the stories in CAMPFIRE TALES are highly effective while containing a minimal amount of graphic content. They rely far more on character, mood, and atmosphere than cheap shocks or excessive gore. Each of the entries share their roots in urban legends that have been altered slightly for a new twist on the classic tales. Outside of the weak and predictable wrap-around story, the only major flaw the film possesses is in its poor lighting, which makes many of the scenes impossibly dark. CAMPFIRE TALES is an enjoyable late-90's anthology feature that some may find more entertaining than the similar URBAN LEGEND series.

Rating: 8/10.

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  1. @ GirlWhoLovesHorror - thanks a -lot- >:(

    @ Carl - I've always assumed this was a z-grade piece of horse crap, but I've heard other good things and now you are vouching for it, so I just may give it a whirl.

    @ GirlWhoLovesHorror - I'm sorry I made a frowny face at you. You didn't deserve that.

  2. Might look on Netflix for this one, even though I should have skipped the comments! hahaha

  3. Campfire Stories truly is a piece of flaming dog doo, but Tales was a huge surprise, I was afraid my $2 at the swap meet was going to have been paid in vain!

  4. I'm sorry!!!! Delete my comment, I made everyone mad! :(

  5. Lol no worries GWLH, we all just love razzin ya ;)

  6. I think I missed something with these comments?

    As for the movie, the wraparound story ending was predictable but I really liked the pedo story and thought it was the best in the anthology.
    Trivia (in case you care): I saw Office Space for the first time the following day after I saw this for the first time and recognized Ron Livingston from his segment in this film.

  7. I removed the spoiler at GW's request yo, the pedo story was definitely the winner in the bunch and creepy as hell! Ron was a welcome surprise after Office Space, I havent seen him in anything lately though. Office Space 2 time!!