Critters 4 (1991)

Space: The final frontier for most Horror franchises. Unfortunately for CRITTERS fans, this was the last stop in the series, and a poor sendoff at that. Like ALIEN before it, CRITTERS 4 features an industrial salvage vessel filled with working-class crew members that must face off against an alien menace. Unlike the previous three entries, this outing is played entirely straight without any of the fun or humor from before. The limited cast means there will be very few kills, and the ones that do make it into the film are tame and uninventive. To make matters worse, the Critters aren't even unleashed from their galactic prison until after the hour mark, with nothing but empty dialog and filler material fleshing out the run time. Even a decent performance by Horror favorite Brad Dourif isn't able to rescue the film. Only the set designers deserve any mention for their impressive work on the spacecraft interiors. CRITTERS 4 is a lame and unfulfilling sequel that is better left forgotten.

Rating: 5/10.

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  1. Good review. I saw this right when it hit video and was disappointed. Watched it again a year or so ago and thought I'd love it (especially with Brad Dourif and Angela Bassett's ass) but I was still disappointed.

  2. The funny thing is that I actually watched this one first- as part of a series on four-quels. It certainly skewed my opinion of the series- for the better. With this as my lithmus test, it really made me appreciate 'Critters' and 'Critters 2.' 'Critters 3' is still not that good though. It's just this film is.

  3. Ive only seen this one once before, and I remembered by after rewatching. Really, all you have to do is have the critters kill someone every 15m and Im sold, but this one barely even included the damn things!