Doomsday (2008)

Neil Marshall follows up his breakthrough hits DOG SOLDIERS and THE DESCENT with this Post-Apocalyptic nightmare, but unfortunately the only true nightmare is the film, itself. The Reaper virus decimates the entire population of Scotland, forcing Britain to erect an enormous steel wall around their neighboring nation in order to avoid the spread of the disease. Thirty years later, the virus resurfaces on the streets of London, and an elite team of operatives are sent into the quarantined sector in an attempt to locate any survivors that might possess a cure that can prevent the Doomsday virus from destroying the rest of the world. Marshall exhibits a complete lack of control given the picture's enormous scale. Scenes are sloppily edited together in a frantic and unorganized manner, with as many as one hundred individual shots spent in a minute's time. The film is riddled with unanswered questions and impossibilities as to why The Marauders are all in their 30's (when the disease occurred over 30 years ago), or how they were able to fashion stylized weapons and dye their fancy hair in a deserted wasteland without electricity, gas, or other necessities. DOOMSDAY also steals directly from a variety of Action and SciFi films, lifting key scenes from ALIENS, THE ROAD WARRIOR, and others with far less interest or talent. Its unintelligible plotting and stereotypical characters can't be masked by the constant flow of mindless murder and mayhem, making this over-budgeted Actioner a complete failure in nearly every regard.

Rating: 5/10.

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  1. Whaaaat? I beg to differ. I love me some DOOMSDAY. It's a lot of fun, Rhona Mitra kicks ass in it and it's violent. I'd give it an 8/10. I can understand why people hate on DOOMSDAY, but I just happen to like it a lot.

  2. Oh dude it killed me to watch it, I almost turned it off several times. It may be that I had such high expectations given my love for Neil's other films, but the rapid cuts made me nauseous and just came off as being so amateur. I thought I was watching 3 different films at one point. Hopefully the second watch will offer better results?

  3. whaaaat part 2. i loved it, it was good because it gave us the road warrior female style... it was ultra-violent, did you watch the unrated version. when they feed up on the soldier, i had to look away. it was not the road warrior, but the girl is h-o-t... i too give it 8/10.

    good thing, where have you gone... still haunts me. lol

  4. I thought it was quite a good film actually, well, not an amazing film but it was good. I was a bit disappointed with the ending though :/

    I'd say 7/10 I think

    Kayla :D

  5. I'm with Aaron. I absolutely loved Doomsday. It's a great, violent mixup of genre films. I think the cheese, unoriginality, and hyperactiveness were intentional. This movie was clearly not intended to be taken seriously. I felt like it was Neil Marshall having fun with movies he loved, and I enjoyed it every step of the way.

  6. Well, Carl, I'm with you on this one. This movie was the worst big studio movie I had seen at that time.

    I used to keep up with the guy who was one of the editors on this movie and after I saw it, I asked him what the hell happened. He sent me over some notes about working on the movie such as the original version being like 3 hours long and how difficult Rhona Mitra was to work with. The action scenes were some of the most sloppily edited I'd ever seen.

    Typical of an American film, this one went overboard with the tight close ups and editing which made the fight scenes impossible to ascertain just what in the hell was going on. I almost thought I was seeing the fullscreen version in the movie theater. I honestly wanted to get up and leave, but stayed as my brother wanted to see it through.

    I don't think a movie has to not be taken seriously to still be crap and that's what this was in my eyes...crap. I will say it made me wanna watch the much better films this movie apes such as ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, MAD MAX, ROAD WARRIOR, ALIENS, NIGHTMARE CITY (yeah, I said it, this is a better movie), WORLD GONE WILD, Insert Any Italian Post Apocalyptic movie here and whatever else Marshall threw into the mix.

    I did like the main villain with the mohawk for what little onscreen time he got. Mitra's eyeball plot device was another thing I liked about the movie, but it got dropped after one sequence so there you go. Once they reached Medieval World, it not only grated on my nerves, but bored me as well.

    I really wanted to enjoy this movie. The chaotic, in your face editing style totally ruined the action scenes for me, though. I can understand why some people liked this, but unfortunately, I wasn't one of them.

  7. Im glad I wasnt the only one V, your thoughts mirror my own. I was completely out on this flick, specifically for the obnoxious editing. The other thing that just plain pissed me off is how the majority of the Mauraders were in their 30s... Meaning that none of them were alive, or that they were infants when the original virus broke. One of the biggest disappointments in years for me.

  8. I was disappointed with this movie as well. I dug the style but the story didn't work for me all that much. I found myself more bored than anything.

    Also, I just gave you another award!

  9. Hey Carl, hows things ?. Doomsday for me was actually a no brainer Action flick. Entertaining & a Fun filler till we get, what hopefully will be, a great comeback with Mad Max from George Miller. I guess Doomsday, along with the reworking of Death Race, which I absolutely loved, were both big budget flicks that heaped a lot of promise upon themselves but ultimately split audiences down the middle. I'm personally very happy both got made. Seems that a sequel (Prequel) to the new Death Race movie will hit direct to DVD in the very near future. I'll grab that too, but something tells me it is one Death Race too many for its own good. Hopefully it will gear up on the over the top side of the Action & still be some Fun. Stay well Carl. Paul

  10. Maybe there are levels of depth to each of the characters and decent action scenes hidden in the hour of footage that was cut out? Had the action sequences been edited differently, I may have walked away with an entirely different outlook on the film despite the HUGE logical errors, Director's cut time? Or in the case of Blade Runner, 16 different director's cuts??? =D

    Paul always great to hear from you, hope you are doing well my friend!

  11. I actually really liked Doomsday when I saw it in theaters and had been anticipating a re-watch to see if I would like it even more the second time around.

    I ended up watching about 40 or so minutes of the end of the movie on TV the other day, and I couldn't believe what a pile of shit it was. The editing is TERRIBLE and unfocused, and while I can appreciate pointless action more than anyone, I cannot forgive action that is pieced together so poorly. This is the same reason I cannot stand the Bourne sequels as those are both films where the editing is the downfall of something that should be enjoyable.

  12. With enough beer, pizza, and friends, I can see how this could be a crowd pleaser, but when I sat down to critique it, man..