Enemy Mind (2010)

An intergalactic soldier is stranded on a remote planet with a dangerous prisoner after their prison ship malfunctions en route to the detention center. The two must rely on each others' strength and experience if they plan to survive the planet's deadly environments. Writer / director Brennan Reed draws from a variety of 80's and 90's actioners to create this micro-budget mind-bender. ENEMY MIND's epic score and simple but effective designs call back to films like UNIVERSAL SOLDIER or CYBORG, where less is more. Reed transforms found items into futuristic armor and weaponry, and turns the arid desert landscape into a threatening toxic wasteland through his creative framing and key shooting locations. The abrupt editing and inexperienced acting show signs of the amateur production, but each of the leads make every effort to bring the script to life. Rather than trying to develop a mindless high-concept shoot 'em up, ENEMY MIND creates a dialog-heavy film with religious and political exchanges between the characters that attempt to challenge the viewer's beliefs. For the budget, Reed has delivered a rough but ambitious Sci-Fi adventure.

Rating: 5/10.

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  1. ?? I'm actually quite surprised you didn't mention the real ENEMY MINE starring Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett Jr. from the 80's that this movie's idea (and title, even) is so clearly a riff on.

  2. I had my suspicions, but I havent seen the original ENEMY MINE, I wasn't able to comment. Consider these comments proof of the plagiarism.

  3. I was going to say the same thing. Sounds like Enemy Mine.

  4. me too, i was looking at the title and thought you changed a letter...
    president mickey mouse and i would have to agree....