The Gorgon (1964)

The winning team of Terence Fisher, Christopher Lee, and Peter Cushing is reunited again in Hammer's modernization of the ancient Greek myth! Vandorf's 2,000-year-old legend of a deadly beast that turns people into stone with her gaze has gripped the town in a crippling fear and caused them to blame a series of mysterious deaths on the imaginary creature. The son of one of the victims will stop at nothing to find his father's true killer, even if it means facing the dreaded Gorgon Magaera! Fisher delivers another visually stunning Gothic Horror treasure rich in atmosphere and suspense. Castle Borski's desecrated halls make for another beautiful but alarming setting with plenty of shadows and dark recesses for the creature to hide in. It also sets the stage for an epic face-off between our protagonist and the devious Dr. Namaroff before Magaera cuts the battle short. THE GORGON also produces one of Christopher Lee's quirkier roles as the eccentric Professor Meister, who has come to prove that the creature, indeed, walks among the townspeople in human form. Magaera may prove to be a silly creation when she is revealed in the final act, but it is the suspense and mystery leading up to her arrival that makes her an effective villainess.

Rating: 8/10.

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  1. This one's just average to me. Even though they got the mythology mixed up in the script, it still has some fine imagery here and there and Chris Lee's role kept me entertained. Another really nice review, Carl!

  2. I agree, the story had some problems that really distracted me from liking this film. But husband I watch it so we can pause the video and study the sets, the imagery is amazing. And it has Christoper Lee in thing we both agree on is any film that he is we will watch.