Legion (2010)

The archangel Michael ascends from Heaven in order to stop the destruction of man by a jaded God, who has sent his legions of angels to eliminate the one child that holds the key to human survival. LEGION is a glossy studio production built on familiar themes and big-budget action sequences that is without heart or emotion. It attempts to create a grand scale despite its remote desert location by using clouds of flies and an army of contorted humans that are possessed by angels. What it doesn't create is any form of tension or suspense, only tedium and tired Horror movie cliches. The few shocking moments are fleeting and exploitative, with no lasting impact left in their wake. LEGION comes close to delivering an interesting plot with deep religious significance, however this is lost along with the lead character's importance, since it is never explained why Charlie was chosen to carry humanity's next savior, or how her child is meant to redeem God's failing creations. For endless amounts of spent artillery and cheap shocks, LEGION will fill an hour-and-a-half, but it is mostly mindless entertainment.

Rating: 6/10.

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  1. This one generated more laughs from me than anything else. That old woman scaling the walls was a riot as was that weird ice cream man who turns into a spider thing-whatever it was. I expected Christopher Walken to appear at any time to inform the cast he had done this movie better over a decade prior. It seemed to me the makers intended to make this into a much bigger enterprise, but were forced(?) to cram it all into a single flick. Towards the conclusion, it looked like a large portion has been edited out to get things over with. It was one of the best bad movies I'd seen this year.

  2. I expected it to explode into a much bigger film than it ever became, but it was entirely THE PROPHECY played out with a serious lack of Walken. Snore. The old lady scene was so forced it kinda pissed me off. All I could think of was audiences must have been cheering and laughing at how outrageous it was, and how I would have rolled my eyes and dumped my popcorn on them in the theater.

  3. i liked it, but all the great scenes were in the trailers.... it was a matter of when things were going to happen, than ohhh that was creepy...

  4. I couldn't get into this one. I was hoping it would be great though.